About Us

Cornwell Plumbing was established in 2005 in Johannesburg, by the founder Johan Cornish, a qualified plumber since 2005, humble beginnings have brought Cornwell Plumbing to be recognised for it’s perseverance and integrity in the plumbing field.

By bringing know how and continuously improved skills set to the plumbers and our clients, as a result we have proved to be on the fore front of new innovations and products induced into the plumbing market, we will not always give you the new classy style of product that you might want, we will rather tell you whether the product you would like is going to benefit you in the long run, and most of the time, opt for the most economical and effective way to do your repairs, renovations.

It is a good plumber that has knowledge of he’s field in all aspects, and has the integrity to develop a long-standing relationship with he’s clients.

We maintain that a lot of the time ‘Local is Lekker’, a local product will bring you more satisfaction than an imported product that only stands up to it’s manufacture promise, it will not be any good to you once it breaks down only to find that you can not replace parts from it, as it is an import that’s why Cornwell plumbing deal in local brands such as:

  • Cobra – Taps – Mixers – Geysers – Piping
  • Isca – Taps – Mixers
  • Vaal – Sanitary Ware
  • Kwikot – Geysers
  • Techron – Geysers
  • Macsal – Copper Pipe & Fittings
  • SABS approve – DPI Plastic Pipe & Products